Studio with Mile Twelve

As I type this we are tracking our final song in the studio. That’s right, twelve whole songs! There’s still plenty of work to do before this thing is ready to release to the world, but we are all breathing a collective sigh knowing that the hardest work is behind us. None of this would have been possible without the tireless work of our producer Stephen Mougin. I don’t think he left the mixing board for more than five minutes during our twelve hour work days. This album is truly his as much as it's ours. And, of course, it’s yours too. We are all still amazed at the enormous support you have shown us. When we first clicked the button to make our Kickstarter live it was hard to believe we would really be sitting here now putting the final touches on an album we are truly proud of. Twelve songs, each one deeply meaningful to us, making up one cohesive project that represents who we are today as a band. We can’t wait to share this music with all of you. More updates will follow as we get into the mixing and final production stages and have a clearer idea of when the album will be released! Thanks again for being there for us.