Savannah Acoustic Music Seminar

In April this year I was honoured to be a part of the Acoustic Music Seminar in Savannah, Georgia. There were 16 participants on a variety of string instruments chosen from a group of 150 of the most talented young acoustic musicians from all over the USA. The week was packed full of rehearsals, clinics, performances and workshops with world class musicians such as Mike Marshall, Julian Lage and Darol Anger as faculty. On the Saturday night of the festival we performed all of the tunes we had learned and arranged during the week for a crowd of festival go-ers at the Lucas Theatre. It was an amazing experience and I feel extremely lucky to have met so many great musicians who I hope to perform with again in the future. Here are some pictures and a video of a tune that I wrote called ‘Bubbles’ from our performance at the Lucas Theatre in Savannah.